06/02/2017 - Welcome Hannah!

Quick update from us is that our 7th (how did that happen?!!) member of the team started work today. Hannah is our new Demo and Dispatch Assistant, which means for Mondays to Wednesdays she will be emailing you to catch up after demo rides if you have been out with Sam the Demo Man over the weekend, and also helping to organise the demos when Sam is having his "weekend" on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Towards the end of the week she will be packing boxes and making sure your order gets to you spot on and on time.

For our part we have been trying to get the #ladbantz out of our systems and the mugs are now hung up because there's too many to leave on the drainer now, and we had to buy a new kettle. No expense spared here at Cotic!!

On Hannah's part, she's not from a massively bikey background - being organised and with an eye for detail was the main proviso for this job - but she's learning fast.

So, just to let you know not to be alarmed if you get an email from Hannah @ Cotic, she's just catching up about your demo or your order.

We have also updated our About Us page which tells you a bit about Cotic and where it came from, and if you want to read individual profiles on each of us, scroll down the page and click on the photos. Here's Cy's:

Cy's Staff Profile

Welcome Hannah!

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