19/12/2007 : Souls in stock

The latest shipment of Souls has arrived! This week we've been firing out the small mountain of back orders that we had accumulated. After Christmas, it'll be business as usual with all sizes, colours and options available. We realize we've not done the best job of keeping up with demand this year, so this batch is HUGE to help us satisfy a few more of you. There are no changes to the design, colours or sticker options for this batch.

10/12/2007 : "Me? Here? With a drop bar bike? With My Reputation?"

Our next shipment of ROADRATs is arriving very soon, with a new addition to the family: A drop bar version. Whilst Cy is on record as disliking drop bars intensely (which drove him to design the ROADRAT in the first place), over the last year or so of selling the ROADRAT we realised something: Pretty much nothing has the level of flexbility and adaptability the ROADRAT offers. We had lots of enquiries for people wanting all the utility and setup options the ROADRAT gives you, but in a more classic road bike layout. We have finally relented and produced a second series of frame sizes for drop bar fans after the fantastic toughness and adaptability of the ROADRAT. These are identical in everyway to the existing ROADRAT design, but shorter in the top tube to allow 90-120mm stems to be used which achieves more sensible drop bar handling.

Frame Size Small Short Medium Short Large Short
Seat Tube (centre-top) 46cm 50cm 54cm
Top Tube Length 54.2cm 56cm 58cm
Head Angle 72° 72° 72°
Seat Angle 73° 73° 73°
BB Drop 55mm 55mm 55mm
Head Tube Length 125mm 140mm 155mm
Usual Height Range upto 5'9" 5'8" - 5'11" 5'10" and over
Stem Length (with drop bars) 90mm - 110mm 100mm - 110mm 100mm - 120mm
Forks included with frame:
Fork Length 400mm 400mm 400mm
Fork Rake(centre-top) 45mm 45mm 45mm

A drop bar version of the complete bike will also be available in due course.

07/12/2007 : Welcome Paul

Paul Dexter

We took another step along the road to world domination last week, when Cotic's first employee started. Paul Dexter will be running the ordering and the books to take the pressure off Cy a bit, and to allow him time to do things like designing bikes and going and telling people about them. As well as doing "Stoppie's in the Face of Adversity" (Paul's special power) and having lots of experience with stock control and retailing in the bike industry, Paul has also been being a long term Soul owner and development rider, plus - due to helping out last season with Kate - also has a drawful of Cotic clothing already. He's a great addition to what would now have to be described as a team.

So, from now on if you order through the framebuilder, Paul will be on the other end of t'internet helping you out, and the general email enquiries will be answered by whoever's on email duty at the time.

If you want to email Paul direct, he's on paul@cotic.co.uk.

03/12/2007 : What Mountain Bike - Pro Ride

WMB this month are carrying a 'Pro Ride" piece where they chat to Cy while he shows them some choice trails.

As part of that chat he explains why the "a bit less" rear travel version of the Hemlock rocks his boat more than the, arguably more capable, "a bit more" rear travel version.

What Mountain Bike

Catch it at your newsagent.

13/11/2007 : MAGURA : Our new fork supplier


Those of you that came to the stand at the London Cycleshow probably couldn't help but notice that, as well as being the new fork sponsor for the race team, their forks were all over our show bikes. Well now Cy's spent a few weeks on some of the Laurin AM forks, and Kate's been riding her Durins and the general concensus is that they're very nice forks indeed. That being the case, we're spreading the love to you good people with Magura forks available at the following prices:

Durins are in stock, with Laurins to follow shortly (end of November). Wotans will be available special order at first. The above prices are available when the forks are bought with a frame, but we can also supply them on their own (check our Magura page for details). So, whether you're buying a frame or you're an existing owner and want to upgrade, here are some great fork options.

02/11/2007 : Hemlock Demos

After our reviews of the Hemlock over the last week (see the latest Singletrack and MBUK magazines) we've been flooded with enquiries for test rides. Now, as we're not the biggist company in the world, we can't manage to get demo bikes all over the shop, but as of next week (5th November) we'll have two demo bikes out there which should hopefully get some people slinging a leg over.

First place to try is our long term demo specialists 18 Bikes in Hope, Derbyshire. Admittedly not the most populous place in the country, but you'll be able to do a proper ride and really understand the bike. Make a weekend of it.

Secondly, our newest dealer - Freedom Bikes in Brighton - will be getting the second demo bike for you Southerners.

Within the next few weeks 18 Bikes will be able to set up their bike with either short or long travel setups with fork choice to match. Initially Freedom will just have a short travel bike with mid travel forks.

As well as demo-ing the bikes for us, both of these shops (and indeed any of our dealers) can build you up your dream bike however you want, get some ideas on setup here.

02/11/2007 : Another Hemlock review, this time in MBUK with a look at the "bit less" at the rear "but less" up front setup

Mountain Biking UK

"We rode the Hemlock in its short travel format, which replicates the relaxed but aggressively front wheel-biased 69 degree head/72 degree seat angles of the Soul. It's an immediately confidence inspiring balance, encouraging you to muscle forward right over the bars and push the front wheel hard into every corner."

"The four-bar rear end does everything it should, too. The typical slight stiffness of the Pearl shock removes any start stroke wallow and squelch while the linkage rate has been designed for a smooth ramp up in the final stages. The result is a consistently responsive and connected feel from the rear, with fast and neutral pick up of traction to fire you out of corners. This will sync immediately with aggressive singletrack riders. However if you fancy a softer, steadier feel, bolt on the longer rockers and a longer fork to create a much more linear shock stroke and slacker 67.5/71.5 degree angles."

"The full sus slant on Cotic's honed hardcore character creates an instantly likeable and adaptable UK trail bike."

"It's a truly UK trail-ready ride."

Check out the whole 'FIRST RIDE!' write-up in the mag, on the shelves now.

30/10/2007 : The "bit less" at the rear "bit more" at the front version of the Hemlock reviewed in issue 38 of Singletrack

Hemlock in Singletrack magazine

"Yes, it rides a lot like a hardtail (a bloody ace one) but it's faster, more comfortable, still engaging to ride and not much heavier. A job well done from Cotic."

They have a lot more of interest to say, as part of their 'miss-matched travel' grouptest, but for now you'll need to buy the mag to read the full write-up. It's landing on the shelves of newsagents and bike shops any time now.

Oh, don't forget that this 'long travel hardtail rider friendly' set-up is only one of many that you can build around the versatile Hemlock frame.

15/10/2007 : Thanks

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Cotic stand over the weekend. You can never tire of positive feedback from riders, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thanks again. Cheers also to our sponsored riders, Kate and Robbie, for coming along despite the amount of travelling involved for both of them. The biggest thank you is reserved for Elaine and Joh, they know why.

14/10/2007 : Bikemagic's report from the Cycleshow features the Hemlock

read the report...

11/10/2007 : bikeradar.com has included COTIC in it's first report from the London Cycleshow

read the report...

08/10/2007 : London Cycle Show 2007 : 12-14th of October


It's the week of the London Cycle Show, which this year is being held at Earls Court. Pop along to our stand (J4) at the show to chat to us and take a look at our stuff close up.

Check out our news from previous shows: 2006, 2005

05/10/2007 : Kate! Kate! Kate!

Wow! Series and race wins in our first season as a sponsor, loads of determined riding and fantastic reports from our Kate: We couldn't be more pleased if we tried. As is her way, Kate showers her sponsors with praise in her reports, which is lovely, but now it's my turn and from Cotic's point of view it's been a pleasure to work with and support such an effusive, dedicated and talented athlete as Kate. She's been on the podium more often than not, and has raced in some truly awful conditions during our 'summer' with the same grace and determination she applies to anything she does. It's an emotional roller coaster supporting Kate during her longer races too. That's when Cotic Bontrager truly becomes a team, with Ian, Paul, Jane doing amazing work keeping Kate and her bikes running throughout, and at Giant T-Mobile Mountain Mayhem, a team of 7 people rotated on the pit crew, agonising over tyre choices and strategy decisions. You've all been integral to our success and I thank you.

Kate's having a well earned rest for a few weeks now, and then preparation will begin for 2008. Bontrager are continuing and extending their fantastic support as joint title sponsor with Cotic, so we will remain Cotic Bontrager in 2008, and check out the Cycle Show next week for an announcement of an exciting new co-sponsor.

Thanks again to Kate and everyone behind the Cotic Bontrager Race Team this year. I'm looking forward to taking it to them again next season.

28/09/2007 : New size BFe now in stock

The new 'big' BFe has arrived. It has the same geometry in terms of handling as the old 'medium' size, but now offers more seatpost support so that taller riders can get the saddle up high for the climb to the top. Of course the lack of seat-tube bottle bosses means that you can still get the saddle right down for those insane descents.


Wearing Team Cotic Bontrager colours Kate Potter took first in the NPS round 5 Elite 100km Marathon on Sunday, which gave her the overall points series title. She'll be posting a report on her blog, and we'll be showering her with glowing praise on this site next week.

20/09/2007 : bikeradar.com is carrying a review of a SOUL built up for all day fun in the mountains

Cotic Soul : the bike we'd unhesitatingly choose 
first for a big day in the mountains

"Skinny tubes and a beefy fork make for odd looks but the combination is a terrific all-day hardtail that's more fun than a very fun thing that's been dipped in fun juice..."

read the review...

11/09/2007 : We're Moving! Cotic Closed 19th September - 1st October 2007

"We're finally moving to Sheffield for some Peaks-riding-on-our-doorstep action*. This is coinciding with the final NPS** and a booked holiday, so as a result we're closed for 10 days to sort everything out and try and chill out a bit afterwards. The phone will be off, and there won't be any dispatches for 2 weeks. We will try and clear the back orders beforehand, but if we don't quite manage it please be understanding; our move has to take priority for the rest of September. If you've got a query, drop us an email and we'll get back to you on the 1st October. Thanks, Cy"

*Well if you ran a mountain bike company, wouldn't you?

**Kate will be giving it her all for Team Cotic Bontrager at the final round of the NPS at Coed-y-Brenin. If you're lucky enough to be attending please cheer her on both days, but it's Sunday's race that will decide the winner of this year's British Trek Marathon series, and Kate's seriously in the running, so cheer her on double then if you can.

07/09/2007 : Bikemagic has photos of our 953 showcase frame from the Reynolds stand at Eurobike

Reynolds 953

03/09/2007 : Hemlocks and Sodas now in stock

Use the Framebuilder to order from our freshly arrived stock of our full-suspension Hemlock and Titanium Soda frames.

15/08/2007 : Cotic Goes 4X

We've always thought the BFe would make an ace 4X bike, being light, stiff and tough. So, just to prove the point we've taken on up and coming 4X racer Robbie Rickman to ride for Cotic. Robbie will be racing the national 4X series for this season and next, as well as assorted other events, which he'll be keeping people up to date with on his blog at robbierickman.blogspot.com.

Robbie is riding a Cotic BFe with a full compliment of Bontrager components. He's just finished building it, and it's a sweet looking bike. He's already been down the BMX track making the bike look good.

BMX on Robbie Rickman's blog

After such a successful season with Cotic Bontrager's Kate Potter on the XC/Endurance side of things, Cy is currently practising his best Basking in Reflected Glory pose for special occasions!

15/08/2007 : 20,000 Miles?!!!

We got this email from one of our ROADRAT owners recently:

Hi Cy,

I've had my roadrat a year now, so I thought I'd give you a quick update and tell you what I think.

Like I said when I first got it, I was going to respray it. First off it was a bright green, which lasted until about a month ago when I sprayed it the colour it is now. It looks nicer in the flesh I assure you!!

I'd be willing to bet that my roadrat has covered more mileage than any other. I make it about 18 - 20,000 miles. I really like the way it rides, perfect for the bumpy roads in cardiff. I've built it up with a fairly basic spec, just nice wheels and cranks. The only really small thing I would change is to put the front brake cable guide to the other side of the frame to ease the bend in the cable. But that really is it, apart from making it in 853 :P

Thanks for designing such a cracking frame.


I had a proper double take on that one. 20,000 miles? We sold him a bike, not a car!! Anyway, it turns out that Matt is a courier in South Wales, and rides 80-100 miles per day, 4 days per week to rack up his intergalactic mileage. He was pleased to hear that I've switched the cable to the other side for the next batch of ROADRATs, although there's no plans for a swankier tubed version!

So ROADRATs will do some serious mileage if you're willing to pedal. Chapeau sir!

01/08/2007 : Bontrager 24/12

We went to the Bontrager 24/12 event a couple of weeks ago and had a pretty good time. The weather wasn't enormously cooperative (when has it been this summer?!!) but Kate and Ian came back from sunny Luchon to stand around in the rain, and to race with me in the Mixed Team catagory. Luckily the sun came out on the Saturday and the racing kicked off with Kate doing the first lap, and me the second. The course fell into the 'would have been great in the dry' catagory, but the whoopy section at the end made me smile after scowling my way around. Ian went out and got into proper race head mode, looking like he had the racing bug again. After flying around he threw the gauntlet down at Kate and off they went in a head-to-head. I eventually went pop at 7pm with my not-completely-better cold burying my third lap in a haze of head pain and empty legs. And contrary to my team mates' opinions it was my cold, and not Andy and Shaggy's hospitality the previous evening, which did me in, so there! After that, Ian and Kate flew the flag and finished a very creditable 5th in the Mixed Team cat. Keith Bontrager popped over to meet Kate and say hello, which was nice, and not long after that I swapped Ian's tyres around and went to bed.

All in all, we had a fun time and I want to thank Martyn Salt for putting so much effort into the event. Looking forward to next year!!

photos by Joolze Dymond:

check out Kate's write up on her blog...

30/07/2007 : A Quick Release Holidays add COTIC Hemlocks to their fleet

They already have SOUL bikes in their hire fleet, and have had input into the development of many of the Cotic frames, but now at the heart of the AQR fleet are 3 new Hemlocks. Set up for big mountain use, with long travel rockers fitted, these AQR bikes in Luchon are currently the only ones available anywhere in the world ready for you to try out.

Hemlocks in Luchon

Not got your next holiday planned yet? You know where you should be going...

check out the AQR website...

08/07/2007 Spectating is the new Racing....

This years 10th Anniversary Giant T-Mobile Mountain Mayhem will go down in history as one of the toughest. Mixed weather with lots of rain and mud meant it was a serious test of rider and bike. It should be noted that this view is based purely on anecdotal evidence, as for this year the I fully embraced my mediocrity as an athlete and let Kate Potter do all the racing on Cotic's (and Bontrager's) behalf. And she did a fantastic job, showing a mind bendingly tough attitude which - along with support from Ian's merry pit crew - got her through the race in a brilliant second place in solo women. Along with 3rd soloist Jenn Hopkins, Kate finished the race where many of the other individual riders - mostly men! - had packed up in the face of such horrid conditions. Women. 'kin hard!!

For Cotic, it was a great weekend with the brand new Hemlock FS bike being the most booked demo bike of the weekend by a factor of about 5! Out on demo solidly all day Friday and Saturday, we barely saw it enough to do anything but change the pedals, but lots of people came by to see it and the people who did ride it generally said very complimentary things, which is very pleasing.

The rest of the event was well worth the trip too. A heady mix of meeting old friends, making new ones, socialising, beer drinking, and (thanks to the brothers Diprose) raving the night away in the middle of some woods to Old Skool 90's dance anthems.

Onwards to this weekend's Bontrager Twentyfour12 for more of the same, although someone's actually roped me into riding my bike this time. I ask you?!!!

Cy Turner

Kate Potter Dinky Hemlock Kate on her Soda Cy Turner Kate Potter Kate with Jenn Hopkins

photos by Niall Flinn

05/07/2007 : Hemlock pre-orders now open

We now have a Framebuilder section on this website for the Hemlock. With it you can check out frame size, rocker options and panel colours, and then email us you request to order if you wish. We've now also added a fourth panel colour, red, to the options available. Oh, and if you want you can order your frame without any panel decal at all, if you're after the plain look, we don't mind, this frame is all about building the full suspension bike that you want.

go to the Hemlock Framebuilder...

04/07/2007 : More COTIC Hemlock photos

We've recently added a gallery to the product page, with plenty of frame detail shots for those of you who haven't had a chance to see the Hemlock up close yet.

Hemlock Gallery

All the photos are by the ever able Niall Flinn. Kate Potter's racing photo was taken in the grassy gloop of Mountain Mayhem, studio shoots were taken with the help of Philippa Dove in London.

see the gallery on the product page...

02/07/2007 : Kate's report from Mountain Mayhem

If you nip over to Kate Potter's blog you'll find her full report on this year's 10th Anniversary Mountain Mayhem, and her part in it racing solo for the Cotic Bontrager Race Team. Back on this site you'll find that we now have a team page with information on who does what.

02/07/2007 : The new COTIC Hemlock on the web

Mike Davis over at bikemagic.com has written a succinct introduction to the Hemlock that's far quicker to digest than our full writeup. There are also some photos by Niall Flinn of Kate's Hemlock, in racing guise, over at singletrackworld.com.

02/07/2007 : Things not always looking perfect on our site?

You shouldn't be having problems using our website with any browser, but if you are then we can recommend upgrading to Safari. It's one of the browsers we test our site on and is now available for XP and Vista in Public Beta form, as well as being the standard browser for Mac OS X.

21/06/2007 : Closed for Mountain Mayhem and our holidays

We're now closed for Giant T-Mobile Mountain Mayhem and then our holidays, re-opening on Monday 2nd July. We will catch up with any email and voicemail messages on our return, or you can pop over to the stand at Eastnor this weekend to speak to us.

21/06/2007 : The new COTIC Hemlock

Hemlock Frame

19/06/2007 : UK NPS round 3 updates

Kate has now posted her full report from Margam Park on her blog, where there is also to be found some more great photos by Joolze Dymond.

08/06/2007 : Kate's PRO RIDE in the July issue of What Mountain Bike

Kate took the What Mountain Bike lads to Sherwood Pines for a ride, some photos, plenty of talk and some pro tips. Check out pages 88-93 of the latest issue for the results.

07/06/2007 : Ride a Cotic

Although we've not done our own demo day for a while (I know, I know!), it's something we're still asked about a lot. We are bringing demo bikes to several big events over the summer, and a couple of our lovely dealers are also packing Cotic demo bikes for you to have a spin. So, here's the run down of what's happening where, and what bikes will be there :


We now have a handful of dealers around the country, and three of them have put together Cotic demo bikes.

So, if you're not at any of the events we're attending this summer, maybe you can arrange it with one of these lovely shops to have a spin on a test bike.

04/06/2007 : Important Safety Announcement : ROADHOG Forks

All owners we have on our email database were contacted on Friday, but for those who we might have missed, or who have bought second hand, please read the following notice:

With immediate effect, Cotic are recalling and replacing all ROADHOG forks supplied between June 2006 and April 2007. There have been a very small number of fork leg failures, which are particularly centred around disc brake users. Although we were completely happy with the forks when released, as time has gone on it has become apparent that under certain conditions the disc side fork leg can fail at the butt taper. Only 4 forks have actually failed, thankfully without resulting serious injury, but we take the safety of our customers far too seriously to risk any further problems. Hence all affected forks shall be replaced by the latest version of the ROADHOG fork. This has thicker walls at the bottom of the fork which solves the problem, and as an added bonus has removable brake bosses. All affected forks have fixed brake bosses. Please note that this recall applies regardless of the type of brake you use, as rim brake users might want to upgrade to discs in the future.

If you own an affected fork, please email Cotic with your invoice number and reference number (thus proving ownership) and a delivery address for your new forks. Once you have your new forks, you will find an address label and stamp in the box so you can return your existing pair of forks.

24/05/2007 : Back from our hols

Last week we were closed as we spent an early season week with our buddies from AQR Holidays out in the French Pyrenees. The main reason for all heading out together was to take all the Cotic hire bikes and AQR kit out for the season, so we drove down straight after Kate's racing at Sherwood Pines. So we were there to set up, but we did squeeze in some riding. OK, we rode all day every day we were there; it just seemed rude not to!! I rode the large Soul hire bike so as to make some extra space for other kit (Get me! Bikes dotted around the globe to go riding on. It's a tough life!), and very lovely it was too. Apart from the forks, it's pretty much how I set mine up, so a mere brake lever tweak rendered it perfect for me. In fact, given the riding we were doing I don't think there's another bike in the world I would have wanted to ride. On the steep climbs and even steeper switchback, techy descents (Ian knows me and Paul 'quite' like this kind of thing), the Soul just rocked!

The lifts were closed, so it was a pretty brutal week for climbing, but we were rewarded with some amazing trails and stunning views. The Cap d'Antinac ride took us to 1990m, looking down on birds and light aircraft from the lunchstop. The descent from Artigue in the rain was just incredibly tricky and rewarding, and Paul's stoppie-laden switchback technique and completely clean clipped in run down left the rest of us completely speechless. We all had a great time, Russ's food was a fantastic as ever, and Ian kept everyone's bike working despite the slightly uncooperative weather. We were all looked after so well.

And that's the great thing about the AQR crew; Ian, Kate and Russ do their thing in such a fantastically understated way that you don't realise quite how good they are until real life smacks you in the face on your return. We really all did just wake up, eat, ride, eat fine food & drink, sleep. Repeat until utterly relaxed. We just love it out there, and anyone who rides a mountain bike and has a heartbeat will too. And just to prove it, here's a few photos courtesy of Niall Flinn.

18/05/2007 : UK NPS round 2 updates

There are now reports on Kate's blog from last weekend, where she took her second win in the Elite 100km Marathon NPS in tough conditions. Once again there are some great photos taken by Joolze Dymond to be found on there, as well as Kate's view on the event.

15/05/2007 : KATE WINS AGAIN!

Wearing Cotic Bontrager colours Kate Potter came first in the NPS round 2 Elite 100km Marathon on Sunday, and there is a full report on britishcycling.org.uk. Don't forget to keep up to date with Kate's racing and more on her blog.

13/05/2007 : Closed for a week

We're closed from 14th-18th May inclusive for a week of riding and relaxing with our mates AQR Holidays in the Pyrannees. Feel free to drop us an email whilst we're away and we'll answer as soon as we get back.

25/04/2007 : More ROADRATS are coming

The new batch of ROADRATs is on it's way at last. After a couple of months without stock we will be getting them in early May, with pre-orders getting top priority.

Despite winning awards and praise last year, we've made further improvements rather than resting on our laurels. The new ROADRATs will feature removable brake bosses for those of you after that smooth disc only look, the chainstay/bottom bracket area has been revised with better clearance for big chainrings when running SS/fixed and we've simplified the mudguard mountings. As a result of these improvements, the price will be increasing slightly to £260, but all orders received before the end of April will keep the previous price of £255. The complete SS bike price remains unchanged at £675.

19/04/2007 : Cy Finds Fame at Last!

"You've probably got your new issue of Singletrack magazine, or wandered past it in the newsagents, and thought 'Who's that handsome chap on the cover?' Well, it's me! Taken a few weeks ago by Webmaster Kelvin during a photoshoot in the Peak District, it's a great shot taken whilst we were blessed with some amazing light in the quarry at Pindale. I didn't even know that the shot had been considered for the cover until the mag was previewed on STW so it came as a lovely surprise. It is taking a bit of getting used to though; I keep seeing myself on magazine racks in shops around the country and it's really weirding me out!"

Singletrack Issue 34 Cover

"And in case you were wondering, I'm riding a BFe with grey decal, with some RC41 Fighters on the front. I'd borrowed it off a mate and stuck my forks on it, but it was so much fun I've rebuilt my prototype BFe frame for my day to day riding!"

16/04/2007 : UK NPS round 1 updates

Kate's blog has been updated with reports from her first weekend of racing since arriving back in the UK, where she came first in the Elite 100km Marathon. Also on the blog you'll find some great photos of Kate, taken by Joolze Dymond at the event.

10/04/2007 : KATE WINS!

In her first race weekend for the Cotic Bontrager Race Team, Kate Potter has had fantastic results. The NPS round 1 was held at Thetford in dry and fast conditions, and Kate stormed to a win in the Elite 100km Marathon on the Sunday after earning a great 3rd place on Saturday in the Elite XC race. Needless to say we're all over the moon about the results, and are looking forward to continued success this season.

Kate will be writing her report on the weekend this week, and it will be posted up on her blog as soon as she is done.

30/03/2007 : Kate Potter's new blog has just gone live with her report from the Australian NPS Rnd 4

Kate's Blog

read her report...

27/03/2007 : Kate's Aussie Adventure - Round Up

Our team rider Kate Potter's Australian adventure is now over, and she's on her way back to Europe. She's done two races since the last report : NPS4, and the Oceania Championships. She'll be writing full reports from both when she's back, but we justed wanted to say BIG UP YOURSELF Kate!

Despite only contesting 3 of the 4 NPS rounds, Kate finished second overall which is a fantastic result.

Last weekend's Oceania Championships (equivalent to our European Champs), was held at Threadbo where Kate won the NPS in December. Unfortunately Kate got off to a bad start by her own standards, so a repeat course victory slipped out of reach early on. However, she fought back to 5th place overall and second Australian home, despite a late race slow puncture. The result earnt her lots of UCI ranking points, and cemented her place on the Cycling Australia coach's hit list for possible World Champs selection. The upshot of this is that Kate will be contesting two or three World Cups in Australian colours (but still aboard her trusty Cotic!) during the year. We're very pleased with this result - and the Aussie season as a whole - and if 5th in a major championship is what she can do on a bad day then we think she's in a great position to have a really competitive season with the Cotic Bontrager Race Team in the UK this summer.

23/03/2007 : Geek's Corner now has the long answer as to why the ROADHOG forks have the disc mount on the front

21/03/2007 : MBUK feature a first ride feedback of the new BFe in their recent isssue

Mountain Biking UK

"At the full 150mm fork travel the BFe became a surefooted beast able to mix up diving into turns with planted predictability, helped by it's rigid lateral stiffness."

"Tough, stiff and well thought out".


14/03/2007 : Website recently moved to new servers, and now less likely to be blocked by your workplace firewall

13/03/2007 : More great photos by Niall Flinn added to the BFe product gallery

08/03/2007 : Geek's Corner has some additional explanations on BFe geometry

08/03/2007 : Sim reports back on his ROADRAT in issue 33 of Singletrack


"Despite not being a mountain bike, the Roadrat has definite mountain bike blood in it. My first ride on it reminded me of another bike I'd ridden but I couldn't put my finger on it. It was only after a few more rides that I realised that it was very much like an early 90's Kona. But faster. I probably should confess here that I sometimes sneak out on road rides on it for no other reason than I want to. I still haven't decided if that's wrong."



After much ship delaying and customs faffing, we finally have a grubby mitts our latest shipment containing lots of 853 goodness. Souls are back, with new colours and graphics and the long awaited Simple singlespeed and BFe hardnut frames are here too. We're taking orders NOW.

The Simple is simply a dedicated singlespeed version of the Soul ; same tubing, same legendarily good handling, same fantastic all round use/abuse appeal. The BFe is a whole different proposition, taking the Soul geometry but adding significant stiffness and strength for that extra security and precision you need when going big with big forks. You can read lots more about both frames on their product pages.

And as if that wasn't enough, we've also got some interesting kit in to compliment that new frame. For the purists amongst you, how about some Pace RC31 XC rigid forks to go with your Simple or Soul for ultimate lightweight winter proofing? Just £150 when ordered with a frame, saving over 10%. And for the discerning hard hitter, we have shipped in Bontrager Earl stems to go with our usual stock of lovely King Earl bars. These stems come in a BFe/looning about friendly 70mm length and the whole bar/stem bundle is just £50 when bought with a frame. That's over 30% off!! At the other end of the contact points, we've got USE SUMO aluminium seatposts in a very BFe compatible 30.9mm diameter/400mm length. This was the same seatpost we used throughout the BFe prototype testing, and it makes and amazing difference to the comfort of the ride compared to certain other brands we tried. Perfect for keeping your back in one piece on your way to the 'shore.

We have of course made sure we have plenty of our usual Pace RC40 and RC41 forks on hand for all you trail riders out there, or how about some RC39s for some superlight, super fast singletrack weaponry? It's what our Kate relies on.

So it doesn't matter if you want burly Cotic-al madness, elegant Simple-icity or some proper Soul riding, we have a frame for you and some lovely bits to go with. Go on, treat yourself!

06/02/2007 : BIKE2WORK with Cotic and Halfords - Up to 50% off your new Cotic!

For a while now we've been supplying bikes and frames to people through the Government's Bike2Work scheme where you can buy a bike in installments, ahead of tax deductions and VAT, through your work. This saves you a massive amount of money, and you get to pay in bite-size monthly installments.

If your company is looking to sign up to this, try pushing them in the direction of Halfords to facilitate it and you could be in line to get a massive saving off a brand new Cotic. We are also happy to deal direct with companies who are facilitating this themselves, and it couldn't be simpler. You order your frame or bike (model, colour, size) through your company or Halfords, giving our contact details. We supply an invoice to the scheme provider, they send a cheque, we send you your bike. Bish, bosh, lovely job!

So, if you're looking to avoid that morning traffic and zip to work in style, then get yourself a ROADRAT bike on order. If you're lucky enough to have a few trails on the way to work, liven up the experience with a new Soul. The Government making buying ace bikes really cheap; it'd be rude not to!

For dealing direct with Cotic, get your HR or Finance guys to contact sales@cotic.co.uk

If your company needs some help signing up to Halfords' scheme, get the people in charge to contact jenna.haynes@halfords.co.uk

05/02/2007 : Check out this photo of Kate's bronze medal winning ride on cyclingnews.com

05/02/2007 : Kate takes a medal in the Australian National Champs

read her report on Singletrackworld...

19/01/2007 : When are they here?

Our next delivery of mountain bike frames is now expected Mid February. We were hoping they'd be here sooner, but heavy weather has kept them at sea longer than we were hoping. If you're the right size we do still have a few things left.

Check the Framebuilder page to find out what we currently have in stock.

19/01/2007 : BFe panel options unveiled and pre-orders being accepted

As well as making available the 'Wrap' prototype decal seen at the London Cycleshow and in GQ Magazine, we have two more panels for you to choose from in colours that look great with the BFe's 'Battleship Grey' tough powdercoat.

19/01/2007 : Read the race report of Kate's win in Aus on cyclingnews.com

18/01/2007 : Award winning commuter bike - stock update

We're now out of stock of large ROADRAT complete bikes. We do however still have stock in small and medium, and they're still 675 including delivery. Order yours while we still have some in stock, don't wait for the weather to improve, start sneaking in a quick ride before and after work every day. Make your commute more positive.

18/01/2007 : Open for business again

And it's a good job that we are, because there is a busy time ahead for Cotic. Soon we'll be receiving new stock of our classic SOUL frame, in the new colours of Super Shiny Black or Custard. Even more exciting is the arrival of our new models, the burly BFe and the singlespeed Simple. New decal options will be available for all three models, use the Framebuilder pages to take an advanced peek at them.

Take it steady on us for the first few days though; there's a tonne of email and order backlogs to work through.

15/01/2007 : Closed for a few days due to illness

10/01/2007 : A win for Kate in the Australian National Point Series

Another exciting (and excited) report from Cotic rider Kate Potter from down-under.....

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03/01/2007 : Back from our holidays, and open for business

03/01/2007 : ROADRAT wins 'Commuting Bike of the Year' title in Cycling Plus magazine

"It's always good to see a small manufacturer hit the nail on the head, which is just what Cotic's vote-winning Roadrat (Cycling Plus 186) does. After Complimenting it on its confident, snappy handling, we could wax lyrically about its details - the finish of the chromoly tubeset, the tyre clearance, the mudguard-friendly disc mounts, the rack eyelets, the neat gussets... But mainly we were drawn by its all-round versatility and 255 price tag - build it as a singlespeed or with gears, flats or drops. Dig into your spares bin or buy it as a complete singlespeed for 675 with Bontrager finishing kit. It's just too tempting to resist."

see the magazine page...

02/01/2007 : That was the year that was

Blimey, what a year that was! My head's spinning just thinking about what has happened, how far we've come and what we've achieved over 2006. This time last year we had only just stopped being a little one frame show as the first of the SODA frames shipped out. This year we've got SOULs, SODAs and ROADRATs (frames and bikes!) flying out the door, with the Simple and BFe (our 4th and 5th models) on the way and 6th and 7th models already on the drawing board. As was oft quoted at Cycle Show: "Wow! There's 5 different bikes here. You're like a proper bike company!"
We've grown in a very organic way so far, and believe me it was almost as big a surprise to me as it was to them when they pointed it out.     Cy Turner.

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