24/05/2019 - Guy Kes TV Rides The Flare

Guy Kes TV Rides The Flare

As you probably know we launched our fourth Longshot droplink bike a few weeks ago - the Flare 650b trail bike. It's our fun, involving trail dancer.

In order to get across exactly what the bike is about, and why you'd choose this option in these days of super capable 29er trail bikes and mega fast enduro bikes (we have you covered with FlareMAX, Rocket and RocketMAX in those genres though!), Guy Kes TV is back in his inimitable fashion, raving about this "Jason Statham" of a bike. You'll have to watch the video to find out what we're talking about!

Green Cotic Flare

The Flare is in stock now in all sizes in green, and lead time is around 6 weeks on black, so order now for mid-July. We also have all the sizes available in demo, so get in touch on demo@cotic.co.uk to book a ride. Our next bike demo is Transcend Festival at Innerleithen. Head over to their website to get on the Mega Bike Demo.

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