15/04/2021 - Wes says hi

Wes's winter whip


Wes Fife was our rider on the Development Squad, then moved up to the pro team in 2019. After a year in the wild, finding himself between sponsors and without a bike, he knew the door is always open and we'd help if we could. Luckily we had an old SolarisMAX frame his kit would fit onto and he could charge the Tweed Valley on some quality steel again.

If you've never experienced the steeps above the Innerleithen Golf Course then put it right at the top of your list. One of our favourite places to ride ever and you'll be as comfortable up there on a light SolarixMAX as you would a full-fat RocketMAX.


Luckily Wes is fast enough on any bike and has loved the winter slithering about on his SolarisMAX. No pivots to clean and shock to service. The perfect sledge for the inclement months, especially on the loamy side in Cademuir where these shots were taken.

Now the clocks have changed and his new ride is on the way he's retired that frame for the time being. Maybe we'll see him back on it next winter... Or maybe we'll see you on one of our hardtail frames next winter instead?

29 or 27.5. A range of travel capabilities from 120mm to 160mm. All the tabs for bottles or bags if touring / bikepacking is your thing. A supple and sprightly ride, plus most importantly, clearance for mud; We will have a bike in our range for you.

Be like Wes; don't stop riding in winter, get a hardtail.

Thanks to Finlay Anderson for the awesome photos.

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