02/05/2023 - Cotic CC Does Snowdon

Cotic cc does snowdon.

Our latest Cotic CC ride really did put the 'mountain' into mountain biking. Our owner's ride up Snowdon was a fantastic day out.

Last Tuesday we tackled the highest mountain in Wales with some eager Cotic owners. With a watchful eye on the weather forecast on the days before, it was looking like we'd somehow booked the only decent day that week! The call was made and we assembled in Llanberis around lunchtime keen to get stuck in.

Cotic CC Yr WydffaCotic CC Yr WydffaCotic CC Yr WydffaCotic CC Yr Wydffa
Cotic CC Yr Wydffa

With temperatures set to be below freezing at the top, we layered up and set off. Straight into a 1 in 4 tarmac climb. Layers immediately came off again! It was a punchy start, and I'll admit it took some mental fortitude to keep my toys in the pram. Thankfully the gradient soon eased once off road and there was a steady section of pedalling to loosen the legs and lungs.

We ascended up the main Llanberis path, the later start meaning the mountain should be quieter by the time we started descending. This meant passing lots of walkers on their way down, the mix of reactions was great. 90% disbelief at the idea of taking a bike where they'd just walked up. It's always to nice to see people who have no clue about mountain biking being blown away by the idea of it and what is possible, and even nicer that the vast majority of people were totally happy to share the mountain with bikes as well as boots.

Cotic CC Yr Wydffa
Cotic CC Yr WydffaCotic CC Yr Wydffa

The steady spinning soon turned into loose and technical climbing, Paul was in his element. After being under the weather a few weeks ago and not getting enough bike time since, I was starting to struggle already so I went with the idea of 'yes I'll get there, but slowly'. It seemed to work, everyone else was blowing too, just moving faster than me!

The views the whole way up were outstanding, which really helped keep morale up. The summit was in sight before we knew it, and what a treat. There was barely a breath of wind, and 360 degree views. We wrapped up again, the forecast was right, it was cold up top!

Cotic CC Yr Wydffa
Cotic CC Yr WydffaCotic CC Yr Wydffa
Cotic CC Yr Wydffa

Our plan had paid off, looking down Ranger's Path we couldn't see a soul. What a trail. It's no joke, and gets very hectic in places. The fast scree start lulls you into a slightly false sense of security. Just as I was thinking I might pull over to give my hands a break, the trail dropped into some serious chunk. Keeping a decent turn of pace was key, too slow and you dropped into the holes, but too fast and you'd not be able to change direction when it really counted. Ace fun, but I had a word with myself more than once, lots of concentration required.

Cotic CC Yr Wydffa

'Mechanical of the day' goes to Tiff, who's break pads decided to have an off-bike excursion part way down. Miraculously we found them both, and managed to bodge them back into the caliper using what was basically a key ring, and he rode the rest of the mountain no problem. It's not a bodge if it works.

Serious kudos to all riders, the descent was double black diamond and everyone did really well. Self preservation kicked in a couple of times for me and I walked a couple of sections, live to fight another day and all that! I really enjoyed it though, riding in a proper big mountain environment is always great, and the sense of achievement cleaning some of the stuff I did unsighted was brilliant.

Looking back up at the mountain before the last razz down was a pretty special sight. Special mention to Liam, who piloted his BfeMAX down the mountain with aplomb. Chapeau sir.

Cotic CC Yr WydffaCotic CC Yr Wydffa

We bombed down the bridleway back to the vans, some a little battered and bruised (Paul's ankle is pretty swollen now, but still works!) but all alive and smiling.

This was a proper adventure, it's great to be able to do stuff like this with the Cotic CC and we genuinely love seeing Cotic owners having such a great time on their bikes. We're open to suggestions for other days out on both gravel and mountain bikes, let us know if you have any ideas for rides you'd like to do. It could be something you've wanted to try but haven't had the chance yet, or a great loop close to you that you'd like to share. Give us a shout.

Like the sound of joining us for a ride on your Cotic? Our next CC ride is Friday 12th May in Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders, on the legendary Golfie trails. It's our favourite place to ride. Get in touch if you'd like to join Darren and I for an afternoon on steep and flowy trails, all welcome whether you're a seasoned Tweed Valley regular or want to check out the Golfie for the first time. The vibes will be chilled.

Hopefully see you there.


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