09/08/2023 - Fort William World Champs 2023

Fort william world champs 2023

We're just back from a fantastic week at the Fort William DH World Champs.

This year was extra special, as Neko Mulally was racing his Frameworks DH bike featuring a steel front triangle designed by our very own Cy Turner, and built by our friends Five Land Bikes.

Cy with Nekos bike

Part of the Glasgow 2023 Cycling World Championships, where every rainbow jersey is being awarded in Scotland during a 10 day window, this year's Fort William trip was the best yet. Cy, Will and myself headed north with our expo stand to be part of the big show. We set off bright and early on the Tuesday for the long drive, it's always nice driving there as the scenery gradually improves until it is nothing short of spectacular heading through Glencoe.

This year we'd opted to bring ebikes for ourselves to ride, and what a smart move. Once checked into our accommodation we boosted the half hour ride into town for beers and pizza.

Henceforth; ebikes shall be known as Beer Scooters.

IMG_20230802_174817Eeb on the stand

Wednesday morning we got the stand set up and ready for the weekend ahead, then jumped back into the van for the now annual Laggan Wolftrax ride. I love this spot, the trails have a great natural feel to them and the climbs are nice and techy to keep you on your toes. After a quick pitstop we crossed the road for some steep off-piste goodness. If you've never been to Laggan, make efforts to change that. It's a top spot.

Thursday was a quiet one in the event village, with mostly just practice happening on track. This meant I managed to hop onto the gondola and check out some action trackside. It's mind blowing watching what the worlds best can do in the flesh; watching Loic Bruni gap over an apex marker to straighten out a tight chicane is an image I won't forget in a hurry.

Up on trackIMG_20230803_122450

Friday was much busier, and the main draw of course was having Neko's spare bike on display on our stand. It was so exciting to have a proper direct connection to the race, and loads of people stopped by to ogle at the lovely steel DH goodness. Huge thanks to Neko and his mechanic Anxo for lending us the bike for the weekend. If you want to check out more of the story behind the Frameworks and Cotic collaboration, check out this video:


After a long and busy day on our feet, we inhaled a delicious Bratwurst from the food stand opposite us, which had been teasing our senses all day, and jumped back in the van for another ride. With electrical assistance, the idea of riding up a hill after being stood up all day was very appealing, we didn't have to dig deep for motivation.

We headed for a spot we'd clocked on Trailforks and had also come recommended by a few people, Glen Loy. What a place; steep, loamy, tight, fast, technical and flowy all at once. Hats off to the trail builders, this was genuinely the best ride of the year so far for all three of us. Stunning views from the climb up too, which was made more exciting by Cy's chain letting go on the first lap, and Will and I taking it in turns to tow him up the hill. Beer Scooters go well. We will 100% be back for more Glen Loy action.

Yeh Loy!

Saturday was the main event, and was even busier! Stoke for Neko's bike, and all things Cotic was high. Thanks to everyone who dropped by the stand to check us out. If you watched the race, you don't need me to tell you it was a wet one! The heavens opened part way through the elite men's final, and Neko's run was one of the wettest. He's still recovering from a broken hip, so had no expectations, but a 52nd in that weather and only his second race post injury is highly commendable. We watched his run from the thick of the crowd, but after watching a couple more runs with no sign of the rain easing, we opted to watch the rest from the shelter of our stand on a phone!

The atmosphere as Charlie Hatton claimed his first elite win, on home soil, to claim the rainbow stripes was something not even the Scottish downpour could dampen. Incredible scenes, and astonishing riding from the top level guys to perform in those conditions, an awesome race.

As the crowds began to gradually thin, we packed down the stand and caught a bit of the Boxxer World Champs action. An annual competition which pits world cup mechanics against each other as they do a lowers service on a Rockshox Boxxer fork against the clock, with many other boozy challenges thrown in. Great, daft fun and a laugh to end on.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-08 at 13.51.22

Its still not clear if there will be a world cup at the Fort again next year, but if there is, we'll definitely be back. Hopefully we'll see you there.



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