31/01/2023 - Some Great Reviews

Cotic Reviews Round Up

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MBR Magazine reviews the Cotic RocketMAX

We have been getting some great reviews on a lot of our bikes over the last few months, both in magazines and online. Now some the magazine reviews have transferred online, we have updated the product pages with them. However, here's a rundown of the latest write ups in one place:

MBR - 9/10 in Grouptest against Hope HB916 and Orange Switch7

Full review of the RocketMAX Gen4 Gold XT 150 bike:

"The steel and alloy Cotic RocketMax offers zen-like composure and balance on rough stuff"

"Steel triangle for feel, alloy chainstay for power delivery. Itís a great combination."

"Get the RocketMax cranked over in a long arcing turn, and it holds a remarkably precise line. Itís also very calm and collected on off-camber trails where youíd normally be struggling for traction. And itís hard not to attribute this zen like poise to the unique blend of steel tubing and the alloy chainstay assembly."

"On the plus side these traits make the Cotic the best pedalling bike in test, and the only bike here where the suspension doesnít have a fit the minute you stand up to sprint. So as an effective, efficient trail bike the 150mm RocketMax has a lot going for it. Every time we took it out for a spin however, we couldnít help but think that it would probably feel better in full enduro mode. "

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bikepacking.com reviews the Cotic Cascade

Bikepacking.com Cotic Cascade Gold Build Review

Over on bikepacking.com Logan spent a couple of months riding and rallying a Cascade around his home in North Carolina, and he loved it. It also attracted a great comments thread with lots of interesting views and questions. Worth a read:

"Cotic only makes steel bikes, which is one thing I love about the brand. Theyíre also known for pushing the envelope with progressive geometry. As evidenced in our 2022 Gear or the Year awards, I was blown away with the SolarisMAX, which made me wonder if some of their other bikes shared the same DNAónamely, a well-conceived tubeset design."

"The GRX drivetrain with a Deore 11-51 tooth 11-speed cassette and a Wolf Tooth Goatlink provides an excellent gear range for bikepacking and trail riding, and itís nice to see a customized setup like this come in a stock build."

"The Cascadeís angles, long reach, and high trail add up to a bike that I found to be one of the more confident drop-bar descenders Iíve tried. That confidence is the cornerstone of what makes the Cascade special. Not only can it rail down gravel roads to no abandon, itís also pretty sure-footed on singletrack trails. It offers a good mix of stability and handling that generally feels like a solid cross-country mountain bike in a lot of situations."

"The tubeset is one of the more comfortable Iíve tried in the drop-bar 29er category, too."

"Itís at home on gravel, singletrack, and loaded up for a multi-day trip, and it makes a versatile choice for those who like to keep their route options open. As the wise adage says: you canít have too much of a good thing."

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Cotic Cascade road.cc Bike Of The Year 2022-23

Cotic Cascade - road.cc Gravel and Adventure Bike Of The Year Finalist

This is more of a repost, as road.cc were the first people to do a review of the Cascade when we launched it. The really liked it, giving it 4/5 and we are chuffed to bits they have included it their 10 best bikes of the year in this category.

"Steel gravel bike thatís versatile enough for everything from fast blasts to multi-day bikepacking adventures"

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