24/12/2015 - Closed for Christmas - 24/12/15 to 4/1/16

Party hats are on, crackers are pulled, we're closing for the holidays! We will be back open again on 4th January 2016.


It's been a great year for us here, but no more so than because we are back with Rocket and that's such a great feeling after so long without it. We have big plans to follow this up next year, and we're excited to get on it. You'll be seeing more of these fellas next year....

Lego Rocketman and Straightline

These were a Christmas present to Cy from the rest of the Cotic boys, in case you were wondering.

Although we're not around, the servers never sleep so if you want to get orders in for anything next week, you can do that and they will be dispatched on Thursday 7th January. We can highly recommend the mudguards for our current riding conditions ;-)

If you're looking for a bit of entertainment, don't forget all our videos are now in one place on the website at www.cotic.co.uk/videos.

So that's it, we're done! Thanks to all of you for following us this year, for your support, wisdom and feedback. It's always accepted and always welcome. Thanks if you have bought something from us, it means a lot to make people happy with our products. It's the best bit of the job.

We hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New Year, spent with people who are important to you. Hopefully you'll get a ride in, and for any of you working over this time in the emergency services and helping keep us all safe and well, a huge thank you to all.

Now, crack open the port and make yourself comfortable. See you in 2016.