06/03/2015 - Original Rocket26 Page

After bringing back the Rocket product page last week with some initial details of the new bike, we have added a little more information. Firstly, we have published the sizing and geometry tables for the new Rocket275 due later in the year, so head over to the new product page section to check that out.

Secondly, at the request of existing and new (to them) original Rocket owners, we have now revived the original Rocket page for the 2012-2013 26" wheel frame.


This has the original descriptions, gallery, specifications, geometry and components sizes along with a link to download the Owners Manual which has all sorts of information about the frame and how to set it up.

Check out the geometry and sizing of the upcoming Rocket275…

Find out all the details of the original 2012-2013 Rocket…

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