17/06/2015 - Cotic Oneal Ride Jerseys are Back

Cy racing at Steel City DH 2015

We have another batch of Cotic Oneal ride jerseys back in stock. Same design as the team are riding this season. Free handsomeness and ability to look Crushingly Superb with every purchase.

They are 49 delivered (remember, no hidden postage or extra costs with any Cotic product) and you can order yours here:


They are available in M, L and XL sizes.

We've tweaked the sizing a little with this lot to make them a little less loose. Not skinny fit by any means, but just responding to feedback from our first batch customers.

Cy was also wearing his last week at an Oneal Sponsor Day down at PORC in Kent. All the UK Oneal teams came down to ride, and a certain Mr Greg Minnaar was there fresh from his win at Fort William. Was very cool to meet him and do a few runs with him. Cy got so carried away he didn't even think to get a selfie with Greg, so there aren't any photos.

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