The weather has scuppered us! Just heard from the port that the high winds have shut the cranes down so container loading is massively behind and the train ours was supposed to be on has been missed. The way it works when we have a full container is that it goes by train from Felixstowe up to Doncaster and then is road hauled to us. So, the container is now booked in to be with us Thursday lunch time. Not a lot we can do except do the best we can and get as much as possible out in the couple of hours we will have between the container arriving and TNT collecting boxes.

Once we have got through that we'll be in on Tuesday next week to catch up and get back on track so hopefully the most your shipment will be delayed is 1 day. We'll keep the updates coming on here if there is any more trouble getting the container on a train.

Really sorry for the late notice, but we only heard ourselves 10 minutes ago.

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